Outfielder Drop Step Drill

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Outfielder Drop Step Drill

This drill is to learn to use the outfielder drop step properly and practice changing direction while keeping eyes on the ball.

A coach is behind second base with a bucket of balls.  A line of players is behind the coach, one player steps out and faces the coach.

Facing the player, the coach holds up a ball and points it to either the left or the right.  The player drop steps in that direction.  The coach then holds the ball on the other side so that the player changes direction using a drop step.  The coach changes direction one more time, the player drop steps and changes direction.  The coach then throws a fly ball in that direction for the player to catch.  The player makes the catch and then gets into position to throw back to the next player in line by the coach.

She then takes her place at the end of the line and the next player steps out.