Softball Infield Quick Fielding Drill

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This softball infield quick fielding drill will allow each fielder to see nearly 75-100 ground balls within 20 minutes.  It is perfect for keeping the players on their toes and sharp because there are two balls going at the same time.

When there is a lot going on in a game, that is the time when players are most likely to lose their focus.  This drill allows the players to practice their focusing and concentration skills while maintaining control with lots going on around them.

Softball Infield Quick Fielding Drill

You need 2 fungo hitters, 2 buckets of balls (25 in ea.), & 2 empty ball buckets to set at designated base.

  1. Grounders to 3B who throws to 1B; other coach hits to 2B who throws to SS covering second.
  2. then grounder to SS who throws to 1B,  and grounder to 3B who throws to 2B;
  3. Then grounder to 2B who throws to 1B and grounder to SS who throws to 3B
  4. Then grounder to 1B who throws to 3B and grounder to SS who throws to 2B

If you want to keep the pace fast, as soon as the coach hits the ball, the next one is hit.  This way players must be alert and ready for the ball at any time.  If you have players lined up behind each other at the bases, the need to rotate in quickly because the next ball is coming.  This will also help with throwing transitions from fielding.

If you want to incorporate the catcher, have the grounder that gets hit to 3rd base for example in the first round thrown to the catcher who throws it to SS who throws it back and then the catcher throws it to 2nd base then back then to 1st base then back.  The drill would continue as before after that.

Add the throwing component by yelling Throw home!  then the players know what is going to happen next.

Softball Infield Quick Fielding Drill