Softball Infield Double Fielding Drill

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Fielding can be not only sort of scary but it can also cause a lot of stress depending on the game situation.  How many are out and where the runners are on base will have a big effect on the importance of fielding the ball and making the play correctly.  This softball infield double fielding drill is great for building confidence and flow in fielding.

By fielding the ball and then going in for a bunt, the players are on the move as soon as the ball is contacted.  It even has a conditioning component with the rotation of the players between first base and third.

Softball Infield Double Fielding Drill

To begin the drill the coach needs a bat and two balls. The coach and a catcher position themselves at home plate. The catcher keeps one ball in her throwing hand while the coach keeps the other. One player is placed on first, and one player backs up first base. All remaining players line up behind third base, with the first player in line in ready position at third. The coach hits a sharp grounder to third. The player fields the ball and throws hard back to the catcher. The catcher then rolls a bunt to the charging third baseman who picks the ball up barehanded and throws to first. The third baseman keeps running and replaces the back up player at first. The back up player becomes the first baseman, and the first baseman hustles across the diamond to the end of the line at third.

This drill is rapid. It may stop periodically to change catchers, or to make corrections. As the players catch gain proficiency at the drill challenge them to make it through one rotation without a miss!  Add a baserunner to increase the stress level of the players at third on a bunt.