Softball Hitting Tracking Drill

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This softball hitting tracking drill will help hitters to get used to keeping their eyes on the ball. I say eyes because we want both and not just one of their eyes on the ball so it is a good idea to check the position of their head in relation to the path.  It is not a bad idea for players to have their eyes checked to see which eye is dominant so that they can make adjustments on their view from the batters box.

One of the most difficult things for new players especially is being able to watch the ball all the way to the contact point.  I say the contact point because that is the most important position of the ball.  What happens often is that the player will watch the ball until about halfway to the plate because that is sort of their vision limit when they begin their sight of the ball from the hip.  Often they do not actually follow the path of the ball.

Softball Hitting Tracking Drill

Use electric tape or a felt marker to put color spots on the ball.  Electric tape is easier to see however it will eventually come off, and if you want to have the players actually hit the ball you may also lose it.  I would recommend that you mark some balls for hitting and some for simply vision purposes.

Have the batter at the plate and hold all 3 balls behind your back.  Have them call the color as you pitch the ball to them.  If you want to make it more difficult, tell them when to open their eyes.  It might be right away or when it is halfway there.   A safer way would be for you to either move closer or further away to modify the amount of time they have to view the ball.   I would recommend you use indoor balls or very soft balls if you are going to have them keep their eyes closed for any duration of the drill 🙂

hitting tracking drill