Softball Hitting For Points Drill

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Being able to hit through the defense is critical to getting on base.  At the same time, fielding the ball and making a play as possible takes that base away from the offense.  Use this softball hitting for points drill to test the offense an the defense and to add some competition and fun at the end of practice.

Softball Hitting For Points Drill

Purpose Offense:

To get the ball as far into the defense as possible to get points.  This is about strength and mechanics.  A person can have as much strength as they want but without the proper hitting mechanics their strength is often misdirected.

Purpose Defense:

To minimize the number of points the offense scores by fielding the ball as soon as possible and making a good throw to the coach.  The offense is trying to get the ball past as many defenders as possible with a very hard hit that can not be handled easily.  This is great for adding defensive practice to an offensive drill.


Set up the defense based on their skill level.  If they are a less experienced team, put more players between the cones and maybe only have 2 levels of defense rather than 3.  If they are an experienced travel team, give them less defenders between the cones and increase the depth of the defense by adding more cone lines of defense.  Add the throw as part of the point system to diversify it.

Move the cones as narrow or wide as you want to or even put them to one side of the batter if you want them to be hitting to a specific field.  How good is that.

The hitters hit the ball that is pitched by the coach and needs to get the ball between the cones wherever they are placed.