Softball Ground Ball Funnel Drill

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This softball ground ball funnel drill is great for solidifying basic fielding mechanics.  By fielding without hands, the fielder needs to make sure that they use soft hands when bringing the ball into their “funnel”.  It is a good drill for infielders and outfielders regardless of the level of the team.

Ground ball fielding is an every day skill that needs to be practiced often.   Players need to stay sharp because of course ground balls are a part of every game regardless of what position they play.  When they can take the simple drills seriously and focus on mechanics the same way regardless of the drill, fielding ground balls during a game will be automatic.

Softball Ground Ball Funnel Drill

This drill was one of the most helpful drills as a player, and now as an assistant coach. Players can do this drill after warming up their arms, with their partner. One player keeps their glove on, the other takes their glove off. The partner with the glove rolls them the ball. The fielder must get down on the ball, or they will miss it.

Through this drill, they learn they must get completely in front of the ball, and scoop or “funnel” the ball to their waist.  If the ball is to the side, they will need to use the shuffle step or the crossover to get in front of it.

Have the tosser allow the fielder to get the feel of the ball before they increase the speed of the ball.  If the ball is going to be received at a higher speed, you can use the softies instead of the real softballs to prevent injuries.  Some new players will develop a fear of the ball if they get hurt during a fielding drill.  This will transfer into game situations and can be difficult to eliminate.