Softball Fly Ball Fielding Checklist

Fielding Fly Balls

Softball skills can be very complicated and one of those skills, softball fly ball fielding can be difficult. For new athletes who are learning the game, there can be so much information that it can be overwhelming. I put these check lists together and found them great for breaking the skills down in smaller and easier to implement chunks of information for the players.

I would print them off and laminate them and then have the players actually evaluate each other as a part of a practice drill. I would not do it very often but a few times so that they are seeing what I was teaching them. Sometimes to teach a skill is a great way to learn one as well.

Softball Fly Ball Fielding Mechanics


_____ your shoulders are square or facing the batter

_____ feet about shoulder width apart with the glove foot a little bit ahead of the other

_____ Weight is slightly forward (on the balls of your feet) balanced side to side

_____ knees are slightly bent ready to go in any direction

_____ glove and throwing hand is about at your knees in front of the body

_____ your back is flat and upright so you are facing the batter

_____ eyes are on the ball and the batter


_____ keep your eyes on the ball

_____ your eyes and body are moving with the ball

_____ hands are still down until you get to where you are going to field the ball

_____ when you get to where you are going to field the ball, you get ready with your body
and your glove open to the ball

_____ watch the ball into your glove which is pointing up at your throwing shoulder

_____ the throwing hand closes your glove over the ball and then gets ready to throw

Follow Through

_____ weight is moving back with the ball in your throwing hand

_____ the glove side elbow is pointing toward where you are going to throw the ball

_____ the glove side of the body is pointing toward the target

_____ the ball is in throwing position

_____ eyes are on the target you are going to throw to