Softball Fielding Reflex Drill

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This Softball Fielding Reflex Drill is great for having players focus on what is going on.  During a game, no one knows where the ball is going to be hit or what kind of ball will come off the bat.  This drill allows the coach to mix it up so that the players have to listen for the instruction from the coach.

Softball Fielding Reflex Drill

Take the fielders and line them up in a straight line. With plenty of space in between each one, line them up one behind the other away from the coach. Number each player such that the first person is number one, second is number two, and so on.

To execute the drill, the coach hits a hard grounder and calls one of the numbers at the same time. That number must field it, while the others step out of the way. The coach should randomly vary the numbers, so that each fielder has a chance to field a grounder and none can predict whose turn it is.

This drill teaches quick reflexes and clear thinking under pressure. Not only does this drill help with reaction time but it also requires the players to be focused through the entire drill.  If any one player is not paying attention and do not hear the number called, she will either miss the ball or she will not step to the side so that the one who was called can field it.


Players also need to focus because someone could actually get hurt if the ball is a hard hit grounder or if it is a fly ball that could hit someone unintentionally.  You may want to start with tennis balls so that the team gets the hang of it and gets the procedure down pat before using a real ball.

Softball Fielding Reflex Drill