Mid Season Softball Evaluations

Basic Softball Game Evaluation Sheet

It’s mid way through the season and have you taken a quick peek at your teams progress in the game or done a mid season softball evaluation?  At the beginning of the season you probably took a quick note on the team skills physically and technically and maybe even your mental skills.  Did the team perhaps establish goals at that time?  If you did then its time to have a look at and review the progress and do softball evaluations.  Has the team moved closer to their goals?  Are they in the same place or have they even already accomplished them?  Take a moment and ask the following questions?

Mid Season Softball Evaluations

  • How does the team respond mentally to critical game situations?
  • Does the team appear comfortable when on the field or nervous?
  • How do you feel about the teams defensive skills?
  • How do you feel about the teams offensive skills?
  • How is the team getting along?
  • Do the players come prepared for games?
  • Is your life as a coach balanced with school, friends, ball and maybe work as well?
  • What is the team good at and where do you want to help them improve by the playoffs?

Having answers to these questions will give you a direction in your teams development of their softball skills and starting point to working on improvement and ensuring that they can play to the best of their ability at the end of the season when it really counts.   The important thing when asking these questions is that you look at all aspects of their game.  Even have a discussion with the team to get their input as well.

Take that information and draw out a chart that has a section for each week before the playoffs.  Fill out the sections with things that you want to focus on in the team development to the the championships.  Then as you get closer look at the questions again and review your progress.  The important thing is to focus on the process in your development.  For example, exactly what are you going to do to improve the team offensive skills?  and how are you going to monitor the progress in that improvement?

If it is unfamiliar to you to do this type of planning the easy way is to start at the end and work your way backwards.  See the team at the end of the season being exactly the way you and the players want to be.  Confident, good fielders, hitters and totally ready for anything that comes their way.  Now look at how things are going in relation to that today and you know where you have to go.  The best way to accomplish those goals now is in small pieces that are easily manageable.  It is not enough simply to say…. “That’s it!  next tournament, we are going to be totally ready!”  There are more variables than just good intentions in getting to that place.  Write it down and break it up. 

Use your coaching skills and your resources to help you if that works too.  Use your resources to improve and at the end of the season when its time for the playoffs your team is ready to go.   After the season is over you can start the process again to be even better next season.  Perfect!

Use the Softball Challenge to have fun evaluating skills.