Softball Defensive Consistency Drill

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This is an awesome Softball Defensive Consistency drill to show your team just how consistent they can be.  It is great just before a tournament to build confidence in the entire team.  As a coach who focused on defense it was a perfect display of how hard the team had worked prior to the tournament.  Run this drill a few times during the season to see just how much they are improving.

Softball Defensive Consistency Drill

It starts with everyone at a defensive position.  It does not matter which position they are at because everyone will be at every position at least one time.

The coach hits one ground ball to each fielding position in order of position number.  The fielder throws the ball to home plate where another coach is receiving the throw.  When a ball is hit to the outfield it is hit as a fly ball and they throw it to the relay player who throws it to home.  When everyone has received a ball they move ahead one position number.  The Right fielder goes to the bench  and the next person in line on the bench goes to position one.  The same things happens again.

Someone keeps track of the number of errors.

When everyone has been at every position 1 time the drill is over.  So the person who left the field from right field after the first round needs to eventually go in at position number 1 and move around to position 8.  Then it is done.

This drill is awesome for letting the team know just how good they are if feeling unsure or if in a new location.  I used it for my summer games team and they loved it.  At the end of the drill when I told them that out of 135 (15 x 9) balls hit, they only made 4 errors.   It was great!