Softball Defense Beat The Ball Drill

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This softball defense beat the ball drill is great for learning quiet confidence when the game is on the line.  Having runners moving while the defender is fielding the ball is stressful and will challenge the level of mental abilities every time.   I believe that defense wins games so being able to remain calm is critical.

The use of cue words, relaxation and focusing on the task at hand is what is going to allow the fielder to make the play and get the runner out.  This is all part of what they call the zone.  Or the state of mind where the players are relaxed yet with enough energy focus to make the play.

Softball Defense Beat The Ball Drill

Half of the team is on the field (size depending on gym size) in the following positions – 3 -4 -5 -6. the other team is up to bat. The coach hits a ball to the players in order of position number. A runner starts at home and must run around the bases before the ball is hit to each player and returned home cleanly. Each player gets a turn as the runner. Both teams get a chance as the fielders and the runners.

If you have enough players have one team playing from the corners opposite each other to maximize participation. This drill promotes aggressiveness in fielding and baserunning because it is a race against time for both teams.

This drill is good for infielders and outfielders because it is about getting the play done under pressure.  You could also start with players at different bases such as one at first or at first and second, and only hit the ball to 2 players but you are not going to say which 2 will get the ball.  That way they really have to focus and be ready for anything.