Softball Bunting Target Drill

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A good way to get players to focus on a skill i to use competition. This softball bunting target drill is a points game where players can compete with each other.  The players forget they’re practicing. It’s also a great idea to allow them to take control of a drill. They learn more by coaching each other and have more fun doing it. Coaches should try reversing roles. Let the players tell the coaches what they need to do to improve their skill. It’s a great way to reinforce what they have learned. You might discover real fast who how much your team has learned.

Softball Bunting Target Drill

Draw sections in the dirt in front of home plate. In each section, write a number representing a point value based on what the coach considers the perfect bunt. For example, a two-foot diameter circle in that no-man’s area between the pitcher, catcher and either 1st or 3rd base. Divide the girls up into groups that compete against each other.  2 or 3 to a group is good. Each girl takes her turn bunting. She is awarded the point value of the section that the ball stops in (not lands in.)

After every player has taken her turn, total up the points and reward the winners. Once or twice in a season we’ll hand out a small piece of candy (Tootsie Roll or Starburst) for each point. After the girls have played this game, let them take turns drawing sections in the dirt and assigning point values. Even if they give high point values to what would be considered a bad bunt, they are still learning how to control the bunt and put it where they want it. If you use your own pitchers, they get practice.

Caution: the pitching machine balls tend to be more bouncy that real softballs and are more difficult to control. Make the sections larger and explain why to the players.