Softball Blind Communication Drill

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Communication as we know is critical in softball.  It is used in every aspect of this game.  It will be even more critical in this softball blind communication drill because the players can not see each other and where they are.  You can adapt this activity with asking them to make a circle or a triangle as well. This activity may seem like it is easy to complete however once put into action watch the confusion begin.

This drill might even help with players who are having difficulty feeling comfortable if they are new to the team.  By having to communicate on a specific task, the players are all sort of forced to engage in questions and cooperative efforts to complete their goal together.  You can use this drill as a way to get players talking with a more constructive effort that has a purpose.

Softball Blind Communication Drill

It starts with dividing the team into groups of 4.  Put blindfolds on all of the players and have them stay in their groups.  Once the groups have been blindfolded, they are given a rope that they did not know they were going to get.  It would need to be able to be divided into 4 so maybe 12 or 24 inches long.  Their next instruction is to make a perfect square.  Not just a square but a perfect square.

Have a coach or assistant with each group to give guidance in case the mini team has difficulty with the process.  Players can use implements to measure the sides if they can find something that will work.

You will see leaders emerge and watch how the communication begins.  Give the teams about 15 minutes to make their perfect square.  If you want to add a little stress, you can tell them it is a competition to see which group gets the best square built.