Softball Baserunning Lead Off Drill

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This softball baserunning lead off drill is perfect when you do not have a lot of time to practice with your team and they are fairly new.  Or as a quick drill when you have some time before a game or when you have some time at the end of the practice.  By isolating the lead off, the players can focus on that skill specifically rather than as a part of another drill with more components where it can get lost in the rest of the drill.

I would have the players come 15 – 20 minutes early for warm up depending on the level of your team.  Some teams already arrive 90 minutes before games to warm up so the drill could be incorporated into that.  For young players who are arriving closer to game time, even 15 minutes more for preparation will allow you to not only get them practicing the skill but also gets them ready for game mode.

Softball Baserunning Lead Off Drill

The players all line up on the base path on the field.  They set up in their ready position as if they were at the base.  They watch for the pitcher (or coach) who is going to pitch to the catcher or the coach.  The players watch for the ball to leave the pitchers hand and then lead off as if they are on a base, landing in a position to either continue on or get back to the starting point.

Move the players so they get a chance to see the pitcher from each baseline as it is an entirely different view.  Its a great drill for new players to get their timing down.  If you do this enough times I guarantee you will never get calls for leaving the base too early.  The young kids love it because it is so easy to understand and execute but has a ton of learning that happens.

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