Softball Pre Season Questionnaire

softball pre season questionnaire

Following is a Pre Season Questionnaire to get started once your softball  team is set, that will give you  some idea for planning your season and how you might work with individual players.  It is critical that you make sure the player does not feel like they will be judged or that any aspect of their position on the team will be affected.

The questions should be asked individually and kept confidential.

The Pre Season Questionnaire Starting Point

What technical / tactical skills do you feel that you are good at?

What technical / tactical skills do you feel that you need to improve on?

What are your feelings on mental training?

What are your current nutrition habits around training and competition?

Do you do physical training and conditioning and if so, what?

How many sports do you play, what is your other main sport to softball, where do any conflicts occur?

Do you feel that softball interferes with your school or social life at any time?

At what point do you think there is too much softball? What would you call a good number of tournaments for the season that allows you to manage school, family and your social life?

What are your softball endeavors (scholarship?)

What would be ideal in terms of coach support during the season?

What was the team environment last season?

How did you feel about the team environment last season?

Is there anything you would like to change?

How do you feel about the upcoming season?

Mental Training Self Assessment

Best softball Performance

Worst softball Performance

Preferred Changes

Current Preparations

Preferred way to feel

Preferred way to focus

Preferred coaching approach during training

Preferred coaching approach during competition