center field
Softball Center Field

Center Field on a Batted Ball Situation

What do you do if you are playing softball center field on a batted ball.  There are as many softball situations as there are things to do.  By having an idea before it actually happens, you [Read More]

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Softball Podcasts

Working with Softball Hitting Coaches

Today we are going to talk about hitting and softball hitting coaches, and how we can work with athletes who are also seeing a hitting coach in addition to being coached by you.  How do [Read More]

who sets the goals
Softball Goal Setting

Who Sets Softball Goals for Players

Lets about softball  Goal setting and who sets softball goals, who monitors them and who actually achieves them or strives to achieve them. Most of us are familiar with goal setting.  We and our softball players [Read More]

When the going Gets Tough
Softball Emotional Control

When the going Gets Tough in Softball

What happens when a solid team meets diversity or when softball gets tough?  Its amazing.  Either they will crumble or persevere to the end of the game.  How can you make your team into the [Read More]

what is periodization
Softball Periodization

What is Softball Periodization You Ask?

Periodization is the term used for an annual training plan that is divided into phases of training.  It is a plan for success by training all components to peak at the exact time that they [Read More]