Mean Parents and Fans

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Mean Parents and Fans

Ok… watching an NCAA game with an experienced team and a team that is new into the NCAA Div 1.  Its the bottom of the 6th inning and the new team is losing by 7 runs.  If i am the new team i am thinking, not having the run rule in effect is a win for us.  There is a runner at second base with 1 out and what is the strategy here??  Walk the batter who hit a home run in her previous at bat?  Of course.  Make it easier to get another out.   Playing textbook softball the new team walks the batter.  But wait.  Guess what we hear from the Mean Softball Parents and Fans.  “Chicken….. loser…. ”  SERIOUSLY????!

The team is already having to endure a hammering at the plate and is simply attempting to transition into the league with minimal damage and playing the game to the best of their inexperienced ability.  I just don’t understand the purpose of yelling out comments that attack the players on a personal level.   In reality what is being displayed is the lack of knowledge of the sport on an intellectual level and a poor sportsmanship of the spectator.  This is the kind of thing that takes away from the enjoyment of the sport and just makes people like me shake their head.

How different is this from parents and fans yelling at umpires at ball parks, and yes even at opposing parents.  I have seen it first hand.  I once had to tell the parents of my team to stay calm and to not get drawn into the antics of the opposing parents of these 11 year old children.  Now how will this really affect the players later on in softball.  Will they even be in the sport?

In my opinion it is simply fans or parents living through the softball player.  That spectator that was yelling “CHIIIIIICKENNN!” may have actually been feeling himself like he wasn’t getting to bat because the pitcher was scared of him.  “What, you are scared of me scoring the winning run?  I am too good for you??”  Why can’t people just cheer for this great game and all the great things about it.