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Softball Catcher

Softball Pitch Selection

Softball Pitch Selection and Placement What Pitch to Throw…and Where to Place It by Gerald Warner, Softball Pitching Instructor Knowing which pitch to throw and at what location…then being able to do it… is an [Read More]

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Softball Catcher

Softball Catching Analysis

In order to be able to fully help your softball catchers, it is beneficial to have a thorough understanding of the skill from as many angles as possible. Following is what can referred to as [Read More]

First And Third Softball Steal Defense, catcher ready position
Softball Catcher

Softball Catcher Ready Position

The softball catcher ready position will determine the effectiveness of the catcher once the ball leaves the pitchers hand.  The catcher assumes position to receive the pitch as soon as the pitcher has accepted the [Read More]

Softball Catcher

Softball Catcher Position Handout

The Softball Catcher The catcher is sometimes referred to as the general on the field. You have a view of the entire playing area so can see the runners and where the ball is. It [Read More]

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Softball Catcher

Softball Catcher Characteristics

One of the most important positions on the field is the catcher.  As it says in the name, the catcher catches the ball, but also, the catcher fields bunts, goes after foul tips and takes [Read More]

Softball Catcher

Catcher on a Batted Ball

Where is the catcher on a batted ball.  There are as many situations as there are things to do.  By having an idea before it actually happens, you will not be frozen when the ball [Read More]