Catching a Softball Checklist

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Softball skills can be very complicated. For new athletes who are learning skills there can be so much information that it all gets overwhelming. I put this catching a softball checklist together which has been great for breaking the skills down into smaller and easier to implement chunks of information for new softball players.

I would print them off and laminate them and then have the players actually evaluate each on their skills. I would not do it very often but a few times so that they can are see what I was teaching them. Sometimes to teach a skill is a great way to learn one as well.

Catching a Softball Checklist


_____ your eyes are on the thrower and the ball

_____ hips and shoulders are facing the thrower

_____ your feet are in a comfortable position with your glove foot slightly in front of the other

_____ your weight is even on both feet

_____ your glove and throwing hand are slightly out in front of your body with the fingers up

_____ give a big target at the chest

_____ when the ball is above the waist, thumbs are pointed up

_____ when the ball is below the waist, pinkies are pointed down


_____ watch the ball into the glove

_____ let the ball come to your glove without reaching for it

_____ cushion the ball (allow your glove to move in with it)

_____ catch the ball in the glove and take the ball with the throwing hand and get ready to throw or close the glove with your throwing hand

_____ begin to move your weight to the back foot and turn the glove side shoulder to the throwing target

_____ eyes are on the ball

Follow Through

_____ your weight is on your back foot

_____ the glove side is turned to the target

_____ your glove side elbow is pointed at the target

_____ you are ready to throw if you need to or to hang on to the ball