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Softball Practice Planning

Softball Practice Organization

How Not To Conduct A Softball / Baseball Practice So…. I was out walking the dogs at a local park in March and what do i see? AWESOME! Young boys and girls playing what looks [Read More]

High Performance Softball
The Softball Game

High Performance Softball

High performance softball is the strategies and tactics in softball at the High Performance level and how they may impact athlete or team performance. The tactics and strategies at the high performance level for softball [Read More]

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Softball Practice Plans

Growing the Aggressive Softball Game

This practice is designed for building a more aggressive game in players who are hesitant or afraid of the ball.  Growing the aggressive softball game is not an easy task with new players who have [Read More]

Getting Started in Softball Periodization
Softball Season Planning

Getting Started in Softball Periodization

Getting started in softball periodization can be intimidating as many coaches and trainers who use periodization will start with a quadrennial plan.  Based on the Olympic cycle of events.  From this quadrennial plan,  annual plans [Read More]

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Mental Preparation

5 Second Softball Transition

5 Second Softball Transition Today I am going to talk about the transition from one play to the next.  This could be while on the field or during an at bat.  The 5 second transition [Read More]

First Team Meeting
Softball Coaching Tools

First Team Meeting

This is a quick guideline that you can use when planning your first team meeting.  This first team meeting is the beginning of what your season is going to be about. This is where you [Read More]

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Softball Infield Defense

First And Third Softball Steal Defense

The double steal situation, or first and third softball steal defense options are particularly challenging because of the variety of options available to both the offense and the defense.  The success of the defense in executing [Read More]

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Softball Coaching Tools

Facilitate Team Success

When you consider the amount of tasks we complete as a softball coach,  it is helpful to consider how we facilitate softball team success.  A facilitator is one who essentially assists or guides others in accomplishing a task [Read More]

Evaluating Softball Skills
Softball Assessment Tools

Evaluating Softball Skills

There are at least 20 technical and tactical skills in softball.  Each one of them has their own characteristic that needs to be evaluated in order to improve the skill based on the specific players [Read More]