individual pitcher responsibilities
Softball Pitcher

Individual Pitcher Responsibilities

Pitchers come in many sizes and have many levels of ability.  Some need to focus on the task at hand and pitch only.  Others can handle a variety of duties including fielding and even calling [Read More]

softball pitching review
Softball Pitcher

Softball Pitching Review

This Softball Pitching Review is a quick discussion on windmill pitching and ways to improve. Dry Pitching This is a key drill for Windmill pitchers because it forms the base on which most other drills [Read More]

softball pitching pattern chart
Softball Pitcher

Softball Pitching Pattern Chart

Having the softball pitching pattern chart, a simple tool to track pitches for the opponents is great for new coaches.  I found this easy to use and easy for parents or fans to track from [Read More]

softball pitching overuse injuries
Softball Pitcher

Pitching Overuse Injuries

As many of you have seen, I posted a video on the Softball Tutor Facebook Page this week (january 13, 2016) which created a lot of discussion. It was awesome! One of the most discussed posts [Read More]

Softball Throwing Towel Drill - softball drills
Softball Pitcher

Softball Pitching Drills

Softball Pitching Drills JOE’S LONG TOSS The following speed drill also works for accuracy, while building arm strength. I have my pitchers pitch from approximately 20 feet, 10 balls. Then I have them move in [Read More]

softball pitching characteristics
Softball Pitcher

Softball Pitching Characteristics

It is not enough for a softball player who wants to pitch to simply pick the ball up and begin unless of course she has some level of natural talent.  And even then she will [Read More]

softball pitcher
Softball Pitcher

Softball Pitcher Position Handout

As you see in the softball pitcher position handout, it is important for you to design strategies early for when the game is not going so well for you. It is to be expected for [Read More]

softball pitch selection
Softball Catcher

Softball Pitch Selection

Softball Pitch Selection and Placement What Pitch to Throw…and Where to Place It Softball Pitch Selection by Gerald Warner, Instructor Knowing which pitch to throw and at what location…then being able to do it… [Read More]