softball tagging
Softball Infield Defense

Softball Tagging

Softball tagging is a skill that is not practiced enough.  There is more than one way to tag a runner depending on the situation on the field and game situation.  For example, if a tag [Read More]

Softball Sidearm Throw - Basic Softball Pitching Warm Up
Softball Infield Throws

Softball Sidearm Throw

The softball sidearm throw is one that occurs not only as a natural throwing form, but also as an intentional way to get rid of the ball quickly.  Many softball players who have been playing [Read More]

Softball Shortstop Tips, softball fielding
Softball Shortstop

Softball Shortstop Tips

There are basic steps that make softball games simpler to manage and to make execution automatic during a play.  Some common softball shortstop tips for example include, middle infielders flow with the batted ball depending [Read More]

Softball Shortstop

Softball Shortstop Handout

The softball shortstop position handout is a sheet with information for the position where most times the busiest position other than the pitcher and catcher in most young or new teams. Although it is where [Read More]

Softball Shortstop

Shortstop on a Batted Ball

How do you play softball  shortstop on a batted ball.  There are as many situations as there are things to do.  By having an idea before it actually happens, you will not be frozen when the ball [Read More]

Softball Second Base Handout
Softball Second Base

Softball Second Base Handout

The softball second base handout provides information on how the position requires a lot of thinking. You have to cover first base and second base and you need to be aware in case a ball [Read More]

softball second place double play
Softball Second Base

Softball Second Base Double Play

Any time the ball is fielded with runners on base, the first goal is to get the lead runner.  The double play at second is the most common double play because of the proximity to [Read More]

softball pitching review
Softball Pitcher

Softball Pitching Review

This Softball Pitching Review is a quick discussion on windmill pitching and ways to improve. Dry Pitching This is a key drill for Windmill pitchers because it forms the base on which most other drills [Read More]

softball pitching pattern chart
Softball Pitcher

Softball Pitching Pattern Chart

Having the softball pitching pattern chart, a simple tool to track pitches for the opponents is great for new coaches.  I found this easy to use and easy for parents or fans to track from [Read More]

softball pitching overuse injuries
Softball Pitcher

Pitching Overuse Injuries

As many of you have seen, I posted a video on the Softball Tutor Facebook Page this week (january 13, 2016) which created a lot of discussion. It was awesome! One of the most discussed posts [Read More]